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2023/5/30 【Event】COMPUTEX 2023
2023/5/9 【Event】Taiwan Cybersecurity Exhibition 2023


2022/12/22 【Press Release】BlockChain Security Introduces Crypto Triage
2022/12/22 【Press Release】Next-Generation 'Cryptocurrency/Virtual Asset Custodial' M-Key Safe Vault
2022/12/22 【Press Release】"M-Key Safe Vault" OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED PRESS CONFERENCE
2022/08/31 【Event】Held "The future trends and application of Blockchain-Applied Judicial Alliance for Digital Era(b-JADE)" Seminar
2022/07/13 【Event】"Blockchain-Applied Judicial Alliance for Digital Era(b-JADE)" OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED
2022/01/25 【Patent】BlockChain Security's email anti-fraud technique was granted US patent
2022/01/22 【Event】Participated in "GIS Taiwan 2022" Startup Carnival
2022/01/19 【Event】Participated in "Fintech Conference - The Future of Digital Assets 2022"
2022/01/04 【Article】This Is How You Track Hackers History Within Minutes!


2021/12/27 【Event】Co-organized and participated in Ministry of Justice "Judicial Alliance Chain POC Confernece"
2021/11/20 【Event】Participated in "GIS Taiwan 2022" Startup talk
2021/11/19 【Event】Participated in "Data Station Demo Day 2021"
2021/11/18 【Event】Participated in "2021 MeetTaipei" Blockchain Pavilion
2021/11/08 【Event】Participated in "2021 Singapore Fintech Festival" Asia Silicon Valley Pavilion
2021/10/29 【Interview】BlockChain Security was invited to NetAdmin exclusive interview
2021/09/10 【Event】Participated in "U.S. Taiwan Startup Forum (UTSF) 2021"
2021/09/02 【Article】This Software Collects Smartphone Data in Seconds!
2021/08/04 【Interview】BlockChain Security, ERA Taiwan and Department of Land Management, Feng Chia University featured in Blocktrend Podcast
2021/07/30 【Article】The Simplest Way to Preserve Digital Evidence: Blockchain Witness
2021/07/15 【Event】Participated in the Regular Event of WorkFace Taipei
2021/07/07 【Press Release】The new era of Real Estate Management: BlockChain Security and Entrance Proptech launched E-contract contract signing platform
2021/06/09 【Event】Plug & Play GOAL program Expo Day
2021/05/10 【Event】Exhibited in "2021 CYBERSEC" Cyber Taiwan Pavilion
2021/01/26 【Event】Participated in "GIS Taiwan 2021" Startup Carnival


2020/12/07 【Event】Participated in "2020 Singapore Fintech Festival" Taiwan Pavilion
2020/11/18 【Event】Participated in "2020 MeetTaipei" Blockchain Pavilion
2020/11/07 【Interview】BlockChain Security was invited to exclusive interview
2020/11/06 【Event】Participated in "Security Raided By Tech-Scale-Ups" Taiwan X UK Cybersecurity and Blockchain Seminar
2020/10/21 【Interview】BlockChain Security is invited to the Blocktrend Podcast Interview
2020/10/19 【Event】Participated in "2020 Blockchain Legal Forum"
2020/10/06 【Press Release】BlockChain Security, Openfind, and Da Vinci Law Firm jointly launched e-Attestor, digital legal attest letter service
2020/09/14 【Event】Participated in "TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2020" Taiwan Pavilion
2020/08/11 【Event】Exhibited in "2020 CYBERSEC" Cyber Taiwan Pavilion
2020/08/05 【Event】Participated in iForensics Digital "2020 New Technology Release Seminar"
2020/07/21 【Event】Participated in the "Emerging CyberSecurity Business Ecosystem Promotion Project"
2020/07/13 【Interview】FM 102.5 Transformation Radio invited BlockChain Security for an exclusive interview
2020/06/02 【Press Release】BlockChain Security and Openfind Cooperated to Launch a Digital Data Attestation Security Solution
2020/03/18 【Article】BEC 詐騙真的有賺頭?解析詐騙集團成本與獲利
2020/02/27 【Press Release】"ChkSender, Blockchain Email Fraud Protection Tool" officially launched press conference
2020/02/24 【Event】Exhibited in San Francisco "RSA Conference 2020" Early Stage Expo
2020/01/11 【Article】不再輕易上當!聰明看穿 BEC 電子郵件詐騙手法
2020/01/07 【Press Release】BlockChain Security corp launches ChkSender, a blockchain-based email integrity validation tool, countering email fraud & BEC
2020/01/06 【Article】BlockChain Security: 2019 in a nutshell


2019/12/30 【Article】數位存證、機敏文件管理的終極解決方案——區塊鏈存證王專業版
2019/11/29 【Event】Participated in "2019 Fintech Taipei" Startup Exhibition
2019/11/28 【Article】今天替數位證據保險了嗎?你我都需要的蒐證自保 App ——區塊鏈存證王
2019/11/14 【Event】Exhibited in the Blockchain Pavilion at "2019 MeetTaipei"
2019/11/11 【Event】Exhibited in "2019 Singapore Fintech Festival" Taiwan Pavilion
2019/11/05 【Event】"2019 Taiwan Blockchain Summit" keynote speech
2019/11/01 【Press Release】Official Release of “SmartPhone Triage" Evidence Preservation Tool for On-site Law Enforcement
2019/08/08 【Event】Participated in "2019 Blockchain Legal Forum" Keynote Speech
2019/07/18 【Event】"Blockchain Witness" product launch: the anti-counterfeiting magic weapon, self-preservation and damage prevention app
2019/05/20 【Event】Participated in "2019 Explore NEXT Cyber Taiwan!" International Seminar
2019/03/25 【Event】"Northern Europe is Looking to Taiwan Opportunities-How Blockchain 2.0 Changes People's Lives" Joint Lecture
2019/03/19 【Event】Exhibited in "2019 CYBERSEC" Cyber Taiwan Pavilion


2018/02/09 The Founding of BlockChain Security