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We provide the latest applications concerning blockchain, evidence preservation and data forensics. We will continue introducing these modern applications to more diverse fields and scenarios in different industries. Utilizing these new technologies, we can bring a combination of safety, security and life convenience to the enterprises and the public.

Our Objective

To bring together advanced technologies pertaining to information security and blockchain. As information on the blockchain is non-repudiable and tamper-proof, this technology directly addresses the needs for secure data collection and evidence preservation.

Our Divisions

Our main groups consist of iForensics Co., Ltd., SnowBridge Co., Ltd., and DaVinci Personal Data and High-Tech Law Firm.



iForensics has more than 10 years of experience in the field of information security. It has developed professional digital forensics tools for Linux and Windows platforms, and is ISO-17025 certified for professional and commercial digital forensics laboratories. It provides digital forensics consulting services and technical support to for-profit enterprises, governments, non-profit organizations and individuals. It covers intellectual property infringements hackings, commercial information leaks, crime-related matters and any civil or criminal legal proceedings.

  • 雪喬

    Snow Bridge

    Northern Europe's innovation in financial technology is leading the world today. SnowBridge is committed to introducing applications of that technology, already mature in that region, into Taiwan. By cooperating with local partners, it intends to accelerate the use of this new generation of software technology by financial institutions and corporate customers.

  • 達文西個資暨高科技法律事務所

    DaVinci Personal Data and High-Tech Law Firm

    Da Vinci has been established to provide the best solutions regarding individual capital laws within all industries in Taiwan, as well as providing professional services in the field of high-tech law. From handling the use and management of personal data and individual security policies, to detection and collection of digital evidence, intellectual property rights protection and handling of business secrets and government affairs public relations, etc., Da Vinci is confident it can gain customers' trust.

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