M-Key Safe Vault


M-Key Safe Vault

A new generation of cryptocurrency / virtual asset safe vault
M-Key Safe Vault

Quantum-Resistant Encryption

M-Key employs cutting-edge security measures, including Anti-quantum algorithms for protection, patented Instant Key Synthesis technology, and resilience against quantum attacks.

Multi-Level Threshold Management

M-Key features multi-signature/m-of-n transaction approval, customizable vault roles, and employs FIDO2, Biometric Authentication, and Zero-Knowledge for user verification and enhanced security in transactions.

Keyless Security

M-Key achieves security through a combination of Multi-Party Computation, POC, and AES encryption. Initialization keys are fragmented, enhancing protection, and have a full control over your vault and its operations.


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  • M-Key Safe Vault is a new generation of cryptocurrency/virtual asset vault. As an advanced safety measure against quantum attack, M-Key Safe Vault prevents private key from being stolen by high-risk hacking activities. M-Key Safe Vault can set multi-level threshold management according to the actual scene of the company, set each approver at each level, and adopt the mode of M taking N to agree to sign and approve. Once the transaction application is put forward, the time and level of both applicants and approvers are recorded in detail, and the signing and approving progress can be tracked in real time, which realizes a high-security treasury management mechanism.


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    • 1.Supporting chain types:
      Supporting fourteen networks of their native coins and contract tokens, supporting network: Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Tron, Fantom, Polygon, Optimization, Arbitrum, Solana, Avalanche, Celo, Cronos, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum PoW, supporting BEP20、 ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155NFT
    • 2.Support multi-sign-off model:
      Can define the payment mode of cryptocurrency according to the entity text sign-off program within the company:
          1.Can define your own multi-level approval mechanism
          2.Can define the M of N approval model by yourself
          3.Can define the networks of multisig vault by yourself
    • 3.Support the setting of multiple vaults, each of which can meet the above requirements
    • 4.Support setting of transfer payment white list to prevent transfer to unknown address
    • 5.Support multisig participants:
      Register and log in with mobile App (IOS) or computer Chrome Extension:
          1.Support the generation and storage of fragments through dongle key, or the fragments selected in person
          2.Support approve and refuse to the transaction request
          3.Support self-backup fragments and send them to the registered mail
          4.Support backup and restore when missing devices or switching devices
          5.Support to view the approve and reject records of previous payment applications
    • 6.Support the examination of payment addresses to make sure that they are not suspicious addresses
    • 7.Allow to transfer the fragment of multisig participant, which must be re-operated through the background and approved by backup key administrator
    • 8.Support backup key fragment:
      Administrator operate with App or Extension:
          1.Support authorization and reject personnel transfer application
          2.Support to view the detail information of multisig participants at all levels of the vault
          3.Support backup records and send them to the registered mail
          4.Support to view past approve and reject records for the transfer of fragment
    • 9.Instant presentation of details in the vault:
      Vault management supports instant presentation of details in the vault, including but not limited to:
          1.Provide a visual interface to display the proportion of funds in each wallet in the vault
          2.Blockchain address transaction records of each wallet of the vault
          3.Effectively locate fund withdrawal records of individual wallet
          4.Easily monitor the progress of transaction approval request